100% stress-free yachting experience

Given that owning a boat is highly inefficient and mildly stressful in relation to the limited time spent on board, we created The Circle: a smart, financially savvy solution to traditional yacht ownership, the ideal choice for discerning boat enthusiast looking for a 100% stress-free yachting experience.

Ownership plan

A 50% shared ownership plan that affords owners a 50% share of a Virage of London with two weeks usage every month.

A set monthly direct debit payment (with all costs to be shared with the other owner) that covers all annual maintenance and running expenses (except fuel, oils, laundry) including:

Access to the Virage Circle APP that allows owners to swap weeks with other Virage owners in different locations.

A world of exclusive benefits

50% cost of purchase of a new Virage of London with 2 year warranty.

50% cost of ownership with payments spread evenly over the year.

No ownership hassles of organizing berth, servicing, maintenance and running costs.

Owners are free to sell their 50% share as and when they want like 100% ownership.

50% share of any depreciation.

Swap weeks with like-minded owners in different locations around the world.

The Virage Circle app

Yachting made simple

  • Swap weeks with other Virage owners in different locations
  • Reserve time on-board advising the guardianage company to prepare the yacht
  • Book additional services like captain, crew, transportation from/to airport, provisioning, catering, etc.
  • Request warranty and service support
  • Network with other Virage owners around the world